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Adidas font is a custom typeface that comprises the font applied on the logo of notable German company Adidas that manufactures shoes and other products worldwide. Besides the popularity of the brand, its font also impressed people everywhere, which is why Adidas font was produced. It is the best option for all types of logos, including brand, games, sports, Animation, etc. After Nike, Adidas enjoyed massive popularity.

If you are looking forward to using similar fonts that would match Adidas font, then go for ITC Avant Garde Gothic as both would be a perfect match. It is the same font that is used by the Adidas brand. Furthermore, you also the choice to create different Adidas font patterns and layouts free of cost with an Adidas font Generator.

This tool will be helpful on many levels, especially for those who use Adidas font without having it in their system.

Usage of Adidas Font

If you want to make the exact use of this font, it is better to have this font on different logos for which it was specially designed. Apart from using the font in logos, you can use it in headings, designs, websites, banners, printing work, products, branding; it comprises different weight options to make it flexible, including bold, semibold, regular, etc.

Adidas Font View

Adidas Font View

Adidas Font View

Font Information

NameAdidas Font
DesignerEdward Benguiat, Andre Gürtler
File FormatOTF, TTF
LicenseFree for Personal Use
TypeFree Version

License Information

The font is not confined to license requirements. If you have the font in your system, you can expand the usage on every level i.e., trading and printing.

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Adidas Font Free Download

You can acquire this font on your Mac device free of cost from the link mentioned in this guide. The font is designed for free distribution that is the core reason for its popularity. With the free version, you can make all your projects celebrated among the public.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Type of Font Is Adidas Font?

Adidas font is a custom-made font that was designed while keeping in mind the famous font used on the Adidas brand. ITC Avant Garde Gothic is the font used on the logo of Adidas. Both have many points in common and are similar to each other.

Is Adidas Font Free to Use?

You can clearly consider this typeface in your projects on a small and big level. This font won’t require a license, so you can use it anytime after downloading it to your system. The link to download is given below, which requires a few simple steps to follow.

What Font Is the Adidas Originals Logo?

The original font used on the logo of this popular brand is ITC Avant Garde Gothic Std Demi that is similar to Avenir Next Font.

What Is the Adidas Logo?

The Adidas logo is unique in its own way. It comprises 3 leaves that depict 3 main countries of the world, including Europe, North America, and Asia.

What Is Adidas Font Generator?

This generator is one of the useful tools that every designer should have in order to make Adidas font layouts free. This tool is being applied to every corner of the world for different situations without any cost.

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