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Bickham font is the script font typeface which was designed by Richard Lipton. You can use this font in website, logos, commercial projects and more.

Named after an avenue in clothier Eric Olson’s fatherland of Minneapolis, this is a workmanlike typeface that’s stylish however in a particularly down-to-earth and unpretentious manner.

If you wish to bring a traditional touch to today’s world, this type is surely for you. Quotus is a brand new typographic family with slab serifs bracketed. Italic models have their possess stylized lowercase letters with an inclination of 13 levels.

Simply because of the identity suggests, this script font is flowing and creative. Most script fonts fairly need a to be paired with a simple font, so that they don’t overrun the seed font.

Bickham Font

Bickham font is chiefly a display typeface, intended so as to add an accent of magnificence and calligraphic elegance to a typographic composition in headings or brief passages of massive text.

As the colloquial title suggests, okay sans is yet another unpretentious, trendy sans-serif that strikes enticing stability between austere-critical and heat-pleasant.

Teyenc typeface will by no means be out of date. They imitate the fluidity of handwriting and are constructed on the dependent letterforms of calligraphers.


An awfully specific and interesting font kind, with its, did one type serifs and daring lettering, Abril Fat Face quite grabs your awareness.

Mona is a hand-crafted daring show variety, within the way of life of yank timber sort. It is available in two font codecs Open Type-SVG bitmap and usual vector font.

With its open structure, shorter-than-ordinary capitals and significant x-top, this versatile font work very good across all sorts of media, in both massive and small sizes.

We hope you will use this font in his projects because it will give you an elegant and unique design for any projects.

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