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Copperplate Font is a sans-serif typeface that falls under Wedge classification. In 1901, this font was initiated by an American artist and designer, Frederic Goudy, after many years of working. American-type foundry released this font. Afterward, Linotype re-released this font. This font was specially designed to be used on Headings; that’s why the designer only designed its capital letters. With time, many changes were made.

This font is common among printing projects because of being a clear and easily distinguishable typeface. It is a large font family, including Copperplate Gothic Font, including many weights and styles. Engravers Gothic and Handel Gothic Font are considered the most similar font to Copperplate typeface.

Furthermore, you can design many enchanting and delighting Copperplate Font texts-based Logos and posters with the Copperplate Font Generator tool. The tool is helpful in many ways without any charges. You can also make the font well-suited with your browser.

Usage of Copperplate Font

You can use this Sans-serif Gothic typeface in different plots. In 1996, it made an appearance in a popular gaming video, ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire.’ For many years, that game-used this font in their Logos. Later, it kept highlighting in different Logos.

Furthermore, it is commonly used in different Headings because it was specially designed for this purpose. You can consider this font in your website, Logos, advertisements, printing work, Media, and many other situations.

Copperplate Font View

Copperplate Font View

Copperplate Font View

Font Information

NameCopperplate Font
Style Serif
DesignerFrederic Goudy
File FormatOTF, TTF
LicenseFree for Personal Use
TypeFree Version

License Information

For expanded usage, go for Copperplate Font license and make all your projects be it commercial and printing, winning. Furthermore, the license will give you complete control over all the font features.

Sabon Font Family (Includes 9 Typeface)

  1. Copperplate Gothic Pro 29 BC
  2. Copperplate Gothic Pro 30 BC
  3. Copperplate Gothic Pro 32 BC
  4. Copperplate Gothic Pro 31 BC
  5. Copperplate Gothic Pro 33 BC
  6. Copperplate Gothic Pro 29 AB
  7. Copperplate Gothic Pro 30 AB
  8. Copperplate Gothic Pro 32 AB
  9. Copperplate Gothic Pro 31 AB

Similar Fonts to Sabon Font (Related Fonts)

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  • Sackers¬†Gothic
  • New Standard
  • FF Clan
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  • Bank Gothic
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Copperplate Font Free Download

If you want to download the free version of this sans-serif font, you can get it done from the link attached below. You can apply that free version to all your personal projects. Furthermore, for additional use, purchase the license and widely use this font without restrictions.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Kind of Font Is Copperplate?

It is a Sans-serif font that is sometimes also known as Gothic. The horizontal and vertical weights of this font resemble a lot with a sans-serif typeface. It has a large font family with different weights and styles.

Is Copperplate Font Free for Commercial Use?

You can use the free version of this font. However, you can use it for your unpaid projects. In order to apply this typeface in your paid projects, you need a licensing authority.

Who Designed the Copperplate Font?

Frederic Goudy, an international artist, and designer made this font possible for worldwide use.

Where You Can Apply Copperplate Font?

In the initial days, it remained the central font for headings. The font is also common among printing work. Furthermore, you can choose this typeface for Logos, Headings, branding, video games, series, etc.

What Is Copperplate Font Generator?

It is a useful and impressive tool that serves many benefits to the users. This free tool is being in demand for many years because of producing beautiful font designs without any demand and requirement. It is also heedful for compatibility matters.

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