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Dark Souls font is another gaming typeface employed on the logo of Dark Souls. It all started in 2009, after which various sequels were originated. Each sequel gained equally hype and importance for all the right reasons. The font used on the logo also impressed people; that’s why designers started using it in their designs. Adobe Garamond Bold font was used on its logo. Many have similar features and characters.

Furthermore, you can acquire Dark Souls font free in your system in many versions, be it TTF or OTF, and then also use that with sparkle font. 3 notable designers put their hands on this typeface, including Claude Garamond, Robert Slimbach, and Robert Granjon, while Adobe published the font.

On the other hand, you can fully get facilitated with this font even if you want to use it online. You can use the Dark Souls font Generator to create different Dark Souls font designs free of cost.

Usage of Dark Souls Font

You can apply the font in all the specified positions and locations. Hence, you can put this font on various logos, Titles, designs, packaging, layouts, invitation cards, signboards, websites, and every possible place. You can get a powerful and worth-appealing design after using this typeface.

On the other hand, you can pair it with Adobe Garamond Bold or Adobe Caslon Pro Font because of the similarities both typefaces contain.

Dark Souls Font View

Dark Souls Font View

Font Information

NameDark Souls font
DesignerRobert Slimbach
File FormatOTF, TTF
LicenseFree For Commercial Use
TypeFree Version

License Information

You need a license of Dark Souls font before starting applying to every project. However, once you have acquired the license, there will be no stop. You can use the font everywhere after purchasing the license.

Dark Souls Font Family (Includes 6 Typeface)

  1. Adobe Garamond Pro Regular
  2. Adobe Garamond Pro Italic
  3. Adobe Garamond Pro Semibold
  4. Adobe Garamond Pro Semibold Italic
  5. Adobe Garamond Pro Bold
  6. Adobe Garamond Pro Bold Italic

Similar Fonts to Dark Souls Font (Related Fonts)

  • Frank Ruhl Libre Medium
  • Serif12Beta
  • Novar
  • Paramount
  • OPTIBerlingSemiBoldAgency
  • GaramondĀ 
  • Aver
  • Ramaraja

Dark Souls Font Free Download

If you are looking forward to using this typeface in your designs, you are free to do so. You can obtain the free version of this amazing gaming typeface for your free or unpaid projects. Download the font, and here you go with the use.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Type of Font Is Dark Souls Font?

It is a gaming font used on the logo of the popular game Dark Souls. Adobe Garamond Bold font is the actual typeface used on this popular game. The game also comprises many sequels and parts.

What Is the Dark Souls 3 Font?

Adobe Garamond Bold font is used on the 3rd part of the Dark Souls video game.

Is Dark Soul Font Free for Commercial Use?

You can use the free version of this font for your unofficial and unpaid projects. however, you need a license to start using in your paid and official projects. You can get the license from any reliable source.

Who Designed Dark Soul Font?

Claude Garamond, Robert Slimbach, and Robert Granjon designed this font. Adobe released this typeface.

Where Can We Use Dark Soul Font?

You can use the font in all required places along with theĀ vijaya font including logos, Titles, Designs, layouts, invitation cards, publishing work, and many other situations.

What Is Dark Soul Font Generator?

It is an online and excessively used text-based generator. You can use this tool to design Dark Soul fonts free of cost online.

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