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Let’s introduce a very sunning sans serif typeface that is known as Formata font. It is specially designed similar to Rage italic font perfect for headlines and titles. This font family comes in a huge set of 28 styles and 7 weights including regular, italic, bold, light, medium, outline, and condensed. It was designed in 1984 by a German type designer Mr. Bernd Möllenstädt. He is no more among us because he died in 2013. But many designers still take benefit from his precious gift Formata font.

Initially, it was released in some standard weights but it was updated with some more styles and made it a more powerful typeface in the typeface marketplace, in 2006. This font family contains 231 unique glyphs with 1000 units per em, many stylistic alternatives, texture ligatures, and high-quality ligatures which have a great potential to make satisfied the designers and their clients. You can also find its light-medium weight within Google fonts and Adobe.

With possessing OpenType and TrueType features along with 235 modern characters including uppercase, lowercase, numbers, basic punctuations, currency symbols, updated icons, and many special characters. In addition, it has commands on many different international languages containing Latin and Cyrillic characters.

Usage of Formata Font

I am sure that you realize the font uses after along details of the font family. Due to its elegant and soft look, it will definitely add a natural touch to any design, and you can make astonishing banners and book covers when use with the combination of Barlow font.

Moreover, this font is suitable for your logo making, web development, movie posters, book covers, business cards, headlines, official cards, watermarks on photos, and so on. It was specially designed for headlines and outline purposes, so you can make amazing headlines and titles with the help of this typeface.

It has also a free online font generator tool that can be used for transforming your simple text into graphics. It is the best tool for quick design purposes if someone doesn’t need to install this font on their operating systems.

Formata Font Family View

Formata Font

Font Information

NameFormata Font
DesignerBernd Möllenstädt
File FormatOTF, TTF
LicenseFree For Personal Use

License Information

This font can be utilized without purchasing any license for personal use. However, for any commercial purpose, you will have to buy the license in order to use it legally. You can purchase this typeface’s license and start using it for all your commercial purposes.

Formata Font Family (Includes 28 Typeface)

  • Formata BE Bold
  • Formata BE Bold-Condensed
  • Formata BE Bold Italic
  • Formata BE Condensed
  • Formata BE Condensed Bold Italic
  • Formata BE Condensed Italic
  • Formata BE Condensed Ligh Italic
  • Formata BE Condensed Outline
  • Formata BE Italic
  • Formata BE Light
  • Formata BE Light Condensed
  • Formata BE Light Italic
  • Formata BE Outline
  • Formata BE Regular
  • Formata BE Medium Condensed Italic
  • Formata BE Medium Italic
  • Formata Medium Condensed Bold
  • Formata Medium Bold
  • Formata Light Condensed Italic Expert
  • Formata Light Italic Expert
  •  Formata Regular Small Caps & Oldstyle Figures Regular
  • Formata Light Small Caps & Oldstyle Figures Regular
  • Formata Condensed Small Caps & Oldstyle Figures Regular
  • Formata Light Condensed Small Caps & Oldstyle Figures Regular
  • Formata Small Caps Condensed Italic & OldStyle Figures
  • Formata Small Caps Italic & OldStyle Figures font
  • Formata Small Caps Light Condensed Italic & OldStyle Figures
  • Formata Small CapsLight Italic & OldStyle Figures

Similar Fonts to Formata Font (Related Fonts)

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  • LM Sans Demi Cond Font
  • Franklein Bold Font
  • Nikodecs Font
  • Futura Oblique Font
  • Fresca-Regular Font
  • Asap Symbol Font

Formata Font Free Download

We are offering a freeware version of this typeface that you can fully use in all your personal and non-commercial projects. You can free download this typeface from the below download button. But If you need to use this typeface for commercial projects then go for its paid version.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the Formata font generator tool?

It offers free design services through its free and online font generator tool. This tool is full of text effects and many different colors which can be used for converting your simple text into graphics.

Can I use Formata font on my website?

It is also very safe to use on your website and blogs. I have noticed many websites that they constantly use this typeface on their regular tasks. You can give a very stylish look to your website with the use of this typeface.

What font goes well with the Formata font?

This can also be paired with many other typefaces but for your banner designs and book covers, we suggest using this font with the pairing of Barlow font.

Is there any similar font to the Formata font?

You can find plenty of similar fonts on the internet and we are going to mention some of them like Nikodecs Font, Fresca-Regular Font, Asap Symbol Font, and many more.

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