ITC Benguiat Font Free Download

Itc Benguiat font is a serif font that falls in the Humanist category. An American designer Ed Benguiat who has produced and reproduced many prominent and worth appreciating typeface designs designed this typeface. One of his notable works is ‘The New York Times.’ The font was released in 1977, after which its different versions were seen being produced. It comprises 2 widths and 3 weights, including Bold, regular, etc.

The font was released by the New York company, International Typeface Corporation. One of the famous versions of this font, ITC Benguiat Pro, came into being in 2008.  Itc Benguiat font contains a few similar fonts, which include Brian James Contour font and lakers font.

You can also assemble different Itc Benguiat font logos free of cost. A tool named Itc Benguiat font Generator accessible to everyone is used for this purpose. Furthermore, the tool is available for different causes, including compatibility elimination.

Usage of ITC Benguiat Font

The font has been featured in many admired spots that improved the font’s worth and popularity. The most popular American Novel, Stephen King, published in 1980 applied this typeface in the past. Apart from that, many novel writers used this font in their books because of being legible font.

In different online video games, this font remained quite acknowledged, including The chaos engine, Nier: Automata, and many more because of being visible font. An Australian soccer club Melbourne Knights FC also highlighted this font.

ITC Benguiat Font View

ITC Benguiat Font View

Font Information

NameItc Benguiat Font
DesignerEd Benguiat
File FormatOTF, TTF
LicenseOnly for Personal Use
TypeFree Version

License Information

The font license is available on different sites that would let you get access to its paid version. After having access, you will be able to apply the font in every work project, be it commercial, printing, or trading.

ITC Benguiat Font Family (Includes 11 Typeface)

  1. ITC Benguiat Bold
  2. ITC Benguiat Bold Italic
  3. ITC Benguiat Book
  4. ITC Benguiat Book Italic
  5. ITC Benguiat Medium
  6. ITC Benguiat Medium Italic
  7. ITC Benguiat Bold Condensed
  8. ITC Benguiat Bold Condensed Italic
  9. ITC Benguiat Book Condensed
  10. ITC Benguiat Book Italic Condensed
  11. ITC Benguiat Medium Condensed

Similar Fonts to ITC Benguiat Font (Related Fonts)

  • Dead Sold
  • Andreus`
  • Stampede
  • Abbey
  • Gucci
  • Supra
  • Brian James Contour

ITC Benguiat Font Free Download

If you want to get access to the free version of this font, download the font in your system from the provided link. You can apply it to your personal projects after installing it in your system. Furthermore, in different formats, you can download the font.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Type of Font Is Itc Benguiat Font?

Itc Benguiat font is a serif typeface that was designed by Ed Benguiat, who is famous for producing many highly-used typefaces. Other than that, the font has many versions that were originated after seeing the popularity of this font.

Is Itc Benguiat Font Free for Commercial Use?

The font is free for personal projects only. Moreover, For commercial and other level projects, there is a license that needs to be obtained. After having the licensing authority, you can apply the font everywhere without any restriction.

What Is Itc Benguiat Font Generator?

It is a tool whose primary function is to fabricate different Itc Benguiat font Logos online free of cost. You can use the font free of cost everywhere. Moreover, you can use the tool to make the typeface compatible with your browser.

Where You Can Use Itc Benguiat Font?

You can use the font in publishing work and different video games. Moreover, many national and international companies have applied this font in their projects. Furthermore, you have various options for using this font in different scenarios.

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