ITC Souvenir Font

ITC Souvenir font was created by Morris Fuller in 1914 and now it has 4 weights with italics and bold outline font style. It is very popular after his release due to use of in body text and heading in educational book material printing.

The souvenir typeface used to be at the beginning drawn by using Morris Fuller Benton in 1914 as a single weight for the American kind Founders manufacturer. It was once revived in 1967 with the aid of image-Lettering and optimized for phototypesetting gear.

It has a so much softer look than different old-style faces, with a traditionally mild seem, rounded serifs, and very little contrast between thick and thin strokes.

Design Of ITC Souvenir Font

Eastern memento is VGC’s variant in 3 upright weights with narrower proportions and some minor variations in important points.

ITC used to be formed in 1971 and, with the support of snapshot-Lettering, introduced ITC Souvenir as certainly one of its first font households. ITC memento used to be designed by means of Ed Benguiat and comes in 4 weights, every with an identical italic. A monospace variant used to be added later: Band Of Reality.


On the time of its limitation, it completed simplest moderate fame but was once often called “Helvetica Neue” given that of its forgiving features on the clicking.

Historians have described it as ‘laid-again’, ‘the friendliest of Benton’s designs’ and as ‘like instances Roman dipped in chocolate’.

The surprising fame of this face in the Nineteen Seventies resulted in the construction of Linotype matrices in two weights through Matrotype. This is possibly the one time when a prototype was due to this fact cut into the metal.

The backlash can be compared to that towards comedian sans serif some a long time later, one more typeface supposed to appear casual and pleasant that came to be visible as overused in inappropriate occasions.

This font style gives a lovely look of your designs. It is superb for designers, get this font and use it.

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