Ke Aloha Font

Ke Aloha Font is a symbol/dingbat style font file. More than 50 completely different hand-drawn floral elements right at your fingertips in fact right on your keyboard!

Every single element is similar to rustico bold completely re-sizable and editable. No need for any special design software, as a font these graphics are suitable for even the most basic computer programs.

Automatically transparent backgrounds, change the color of fill and stroke, add shadows and dimension, stack and layer leaves and flowers til your heart’s content. It looks like tropical, and Hawaii old English fonts.

Use your favorite brushes and actions in illustrator and photoshop. But also create in the word! Makes awesome patterns for stencils, stamps, large or small wall art. Stationary, weddings, logos, the possibilities are endless!

Design Of Ke Aloha Font

The Ke Aloha Font can help you in meeting various designing approaches just because of its clean and clear look. Have a quick look over the fonts maps images we fasten in here to get an overview of it.

This awesome font looks like arial rounded has come with four styles including Regular, Italic, Text, and Text Italic. The Text Italic and italic styles are the same as their regular style but they are slightly darker and reduced in contrast.

In this way, its a complete package to work in any kind of work where ever its printing task or display task. After seeking that knowledge.

This fine quality font has come only in regular style but this regular style has possessed Opentype and Truetype both formats. So, it will easily be installable in any kind of operating system.

So, you don’t need to take any tension for using it into commercial projects. You will openly use this free font that is similar to princess sofia for logos, short or long text paragraphs, newspapers and many more.

Also, it can use for website developing or app developing. Hope so, It will serve you in an extraordinary manner and try to make a design that fulfills your clients need.

If you have some time for us then give us your feedback about this unique font in the comments section below. And make sure to share it on social sites with colleagues.

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