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Mrs Eaves Font is a serif typeface that was originated by an American designer, Zuzana Licko in 1996. It contains a variant, i.e. Bakerville font, a Sans-serif typeface. A Digital foundry released Mrs Eaves font, Emigre, operated by Zuzana and her husband.

The font comes under the classification of Transitional typeface. The font has been used in many eminent places. Furthermore, you can use the Mrs Eaves Font Generator in order to produce different Mrs Eves Logos and posters free of cost. The name of this font was termed after Baskerville wife, Sarah Eaves.

The font is a recovery of the Baskerville font cut for Baskerville. If you are looking forward to using the most similar fonts, go with Baskerville and Palatino Font.

Usage of Mrs Eaves Font

There is a long list of prominent places from where it gained immense highlight after being used. The logotype of the popular site, WordPress also had this font. It has been used on the title and cover of the British publishing house, Penguin Books and Penguin classics.

Furthermore, a prominent college, Bowdin college also got their hands on this font for the college wordmark. The font also gained popularity after being applied in American commercial radio, NBC. A British Rock band, Coldplay also used this font for their logo. In short, it is a versatile font that has been used everywhere since it emerges.

Mrs Eaves Font Family View

View Of Mrs Eaves Font

Mrs Eaves Font View

Font Information

NameMrs Eaves Font
StyleTransitional Serif
DesignerZuzana Licko, John Baskerville
File FormatOTF, TTF
LicenseFree For Personal Use
TypeOpentype, Truetype

License Information

If you want to get your hands on its paid version as well, you can purchase it. Once you have purchased the license, you can use the font for commercial, Digital and printing purposes.

Mrs Eaves Font Family (Includes 9 Typeface)

  1. Mrs Eaves Roman
  2. Mrs Eaves Italic
  3. Mrs Eaves Bold
  4. Mrs Eaves Basic Roman Lining
  5. Mrs Eaves Basic Small Caps
  6. Mrs Eaves Basic Small Caps
  7. Mrs Eaves Basic ALL Small Caps
  8. Mrs Eaves Basic Petite Caps
  9. Mrs Eaves Basic All Petite Caps

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Mrs Eaves Font Free Download

You can get along with the font’s free and paid version as well. In order to avail the free version, click the link given in this guide and use it free of cost.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Type of Font Is Mrs Eaves?

Mrs Eaves is a sans-serif typeface that was designed after Bakerville font, another popular sans-serif typeface. The font was designed in 1996 by Zuzana Licko. Since then, it has been applied everywhere for different purposes.

Is Mrs Eaves Font Free for Commercial Use?

Mrs Eaves Font is free for personal use. Download its free version and use it in your personal and non-profit work. However, for commercial purposes, go ahead with its paid version.

Is Mrs Eaves Font Safe to Download and Use in My Pc and Mac?

It is entirely safe to use this font in your personal and commercial work. You can use the font anywhere you want.

Who Designed Mrs Eaves Font?

An American designer Zuzana Licko designed this font in 1996 that was later released by an American foundry Emigre that is operated by Zuzana and her husband.

Can We Use the Font in An Online Platform?

The font is accessible to be used by anyone. Hence, you are free to use this font everywhere once you have access.

What Is Mrs Eaves Font Generator?

It is an online tool to design font Logos and posters free of cost.

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