Raavi Font

Raavi font is the Indian font and it contains TrueType outlines. It is used for Punjabi writing. It is supported by multiple languages.

This variety of typography suits the darkish, grungy aesthetic good. Layer font was once originally designed for literature so it really works really well as body text since of its harmonious paragraph spacing for the period of.

Black Sheep combines huge, blocky textual content with intriguing visuals to create particularly cool outcomes. A perfect multipurpose typeface that can be used for any variety of photo design: net design, trademarks, prints, and so forth.

Design Of Raavi Font

Raavi™ is an OpenType font for the Indic script Gurmukhi, used to write Punjabi. Raavi is headquartered on Unicode, contains TrueType outlines and was designed via Raghunath Joshi (type Design Director) and Apurva Joshi for use as a UI font.

Clean typeface is the latest variant of the basic font, Franklin Gothic. Use it for headings or physique text. Works quite well if used as heading text and paired with Libre Baskerville as the physique textual content.


You’ll additionally to find movies with an enormous letter overlay as you scroll through up to date initiatives, making a distinct influence.

Developed as a colorful 3D font based on the retro style it will be superb for thematic internet design, logos, prints, and so on.

This attractive web font is a high-nice typeface that appears to be ideal for specified and readable physique text. Works well if paired with Libre Franklin.

This font is the best Punjabi fonts these days because it is used in multi projects and people are using this font.

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