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Presenting you with a new and stylish design of letterform that is known as Righteous Font. This is one of the Google fonts, that is a group member of the sans serif family texture. This font is a beautiful geometric with a round shape. It has designed by one of the well-reputed principal designers of Google font, who is known as Astigmatic.  This typeface was released with a single and regular style. This regular style will fulfill all your requirements, whenever you use this design. This typeface includes more than three hundred and twenty glyphs, punctuation with a set of other characters, capital letters, small letters, and extended language supports. As this is a google font, Google provides you with a free online tool, that is called a generator tool. This tool is used for converting any style of letterform to Righteous Font. And because this is an online tool, there is no need to download a zip file of this texture, just copy and paste the text and enjoy.

Usage of Righteous Font

This is a neat and clear typeface of google library font. which is easily adjustable in any design, that may be large or small display projects. This is a unique typeface for both e-media and print media platforms. This font is perfect for official tasks, like, invitations, letters, applications, and other related works. You can use Righteous Font for graphic designing and logo designing. This is a perfect typeface for advertisements for social media ads, newspaper, and magazine ads. you can also use this font for book writing, heading, title, body text, any style of decorative design, and many more.

Righteous Font Family View

Righteous Font

Font Information

NameRighteous Font
StyleSans Serif
File FormatOTF, TTF
LicenseFreeware, Non-Commercial
TypeOpentype, Truetype

License Information

This is a Google font, that allows anyone to use this typeface in their projects including online or offline platforms. Because there is no restriction while using it for commercial users.

Righteous Font Family (Includes 1 Typeface)

  • Regular

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Righteous Font Free Download

To download this unique and new style of texture, click on the Download Now button below and you’ll get this interesting font for free of cost.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What texture goes with Righteous? There are a lot of typefaces that get match this texture, but the most pairing and similar typeface to this texture is the orbitron font. What is a Cormorant typeface? Righteous Font. This is one of the Google fonts, that is a group member of the sans serif family texture. This font is a beautiful geometric with a round shape. Is Righteous a sans serif typeface? Yes, this is a  member of the sans serif typeface family of google font, which is available for free download to all types of designers, including personals and commercial projects. Is Righteous a logo typeface? Yes, you can use this amazing typeface for graphic design, as well as for creating logos. This is a google font so you can easily download this typeface.

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