Runen Regular font

We are here to bestowing you to a font family that you have seen into its logo. Because its logo has also received a good response by the public and graphic designers. Introducing Runen Regular font.

It is similar to knockout regular bolder, louder serifs with big letterforms designed to be visible from a protracted distance. It has ornamental “ft” at the ends of each letterform and evokes a cultured, traditional feeling.

Runen is more of an umbrella term for typefaces than a single typeface. This popularity has persisted in later a long time, as seen in the examples above.

Design of Runen Regular font

It has a dependent appearance. The serifs on each and every letter are cautiously crafted to bring their own personality, most primarily the ones on the capital “t”.

For the reason that the serifs are so expressive, they can effortlessly be anglo Saxon rune utilized in a playful context—as seen in the early Apple branding.

The subtle letterforms also allow this font that looks like ravie font and Quenya to be taken in a sophisticated direction—like in the American eagle brand. It can be used as a copy and paste also. It is best for text generator fonts.

The cutback serifs of the capital “a” point to the right, while the higher serifs on the lowercase “v” point to the left.

If you’re looking to portray motion and energy. It’s a quality alternative for sporting activities, cars, and action-headquartered industries.

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