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To create a unique and eye-catching design, you should use this font in combination with other fonts. Any occasion will be enhanced by this beautiful, romantic font. If you want to add a little romance to your wedding invitations or simply want to make a loved one’s birthday card extra special, then this font is for you. Tangent Font is designed by Hoftype.

You can personalize your text with this elegant typeface with natural curves. Many interesting designs can be created with it. In invitations, greeting cards, signatures, logos, branding, and many other uses, it can be used by almost all designers. You can easily compare this font with the klinic slab font.

The font type pattern can be created using the online font generator tool. The TTF and OTF file types are offered for this font type design. Any form of design can be created using this style. This font type design can make original graphic designs, banners, manufacturing sector garment designs, billboards, advertisements, booklets, and movies, among other things.

Usage of Tangent Font

The typeface is an unused new and cutting-edge slab serif with a carefully assembled slab serif fashion, enhancing characters and a moving standard. So lovely on welcomes like welcoming cards, branding materials, trade cards, cites, blurbs, and more.

The typeface style incorporates a slab serif typography and is incredible for rich welcome artistry. Make the art more fun since you’ve as of now chosen the correct textual style. This typeface is very similar to the brix slab font.

This is a fantastic option for projects that require an exclusive and innovative feel. This design is an excellent choice whether you’re seeking such a design with a natural and alive appearance. For use in creating the website content, users can insert the font into a CSS file.

The typeface does have a clean, natural appearance that makes it perfect for projects that call for a unique feel. It is a fantastic option for projects that require an original and imaginative touch.

Tangent Font Family View

Tangent Font Family View

Font Information

Name Tangent Font
StyleSlab Serif
LicenseFree For personal use
File FormatTTF & OTF

License Information

When you contact the typeface owner’s site, you can easily obtain the paid version or the license to use the typeface for all your official and business needs.

Tangent Font Family (Includes 12 Typefaces)

  • Tangent Black
  • Tangent Bold Italic
  • Tangent Bold
  • Tangent Extra Bold
  • Tangent Extra Light
  • Tangent Italic
  • Tangent Light
  • Tangent Medium Italic
  • Tangent Medium
  • Tangent Regular
  • Tangent Thin
  • Tangent Ultra

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Tangent Font Free Download

From here, you can download a free version that is suitable for all private tasks in an accurate and timely manner. You can download it by clicking on the button below.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Tangent font have great readability?

This typeface has unbelievable significance. It may be an extremely flexible textual style that can be utilized for numerous purposes.

Is Tangent Font easy to use?

The tangent font style is very easy to use, and I love it. Firstly, you will need to download the text style from our website, then install it on your computer. Apply this textual style to the application where this typeface needs to be used.

My working system is secure enough to run Tangent Font?

Your laptop/PC will not be damaged by this text style. Filter for bugs, doesn’t require antivirus software.

How do I get Tangent Font on my pc?

Tap the download button on our site by scrolling down a bit. Now we will begin preparing the download. Download it on your PC and be able to benefit from this exclusive typeface.

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