Wide Latin Font

Wide Latin Font is an elegant sans serif typeface that is widely used by many designers for various purposes. You can also be able to utilize this font that looks like fresh prince for many places if you take it too seriously.

Wide Latin Font came out with various types of this typeface, considered one of which used to be used in the Giorgio Armani emblem.

This font is rather long-established in the fashion industry. It creates an enduring influence when used with excessive distinction colors.

Design Of Wide Latin Font

This font offers an impression of steadiness, with a superb geometry. This font is useful for everybody considering the fact that of its clear and special kind. It is available for free for commercial use.

Wide Latin Font is available in different weights and has a delivered characteristic of slab serifs. It is a unique typeface that looks like frutiger font with letters which can be quite simply unusual from each and every different.

This font had the best influence on typographic design in the following years. It was once one of the most quintessential typefaces of the ’90s and is still standard amongst designers.

The font appears aesthetic because of its geometric development. Ensure that you simply mention Latin font that is similar to gotham narrow peculiarly to your design transient when crowdsourcing your design work.

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